Highway 90 landslide detours, delays drivers

11:57 PM, Jan 19, 2013   |    comments
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A landslide that happened in one East Tennessee county Wednesday is still causing headaches for drivers in several local communities.

After numerous days of heavy rain, a 125-foot wide landslide, measuring 30 feet deep, occurred on Highway 90 near the Claiborne/Campbell County line in the unincorporated town of Eagan.

TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi said the department suspects the waterway next to the road, which flooded earlier in the week, played a role in the incident.

Ever since the slide, Eagan residents and others who live around the area, have had to take long detours to get to bigger cities in the region. Eagan resident Marie Cirillo said it now takes an hour and 40 minutes for residents who live west of the slide to get to Tazewell, while it takes people on the eastern side an extra hour to get to Jellico.

"There are kids on that side that have to get to the high school in Jellico," she said.

Cirillo told 10News it is important the road get fixed quickly.

"It's the main artery that everybody and everything uses to get out of here," she said.

Nagi said TDOT workers will fix one lane of the road during the holiday, Monday. He said TDOT hopes to finish the lane by the end of that day and have the entire project finished in two weeks.

As for the why the project was not fixed sooner, Nagi said TDOT workers were stretched thinning addressing all of the pothole and ice issues that have appeared in East Tennessee over the last week.

"We have had people [workers] who haven't rested in days," he said.

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