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Church basement continues to flood despite no rain

9:10 PM, Jan 20, 2013   |    comments
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Water continues to flood the St. Paul Episcopal Church basement despite efforts to drain it.

A church's basement in Seymour is full of water from last week's storms.

Members of St. Paul Episcopal Church spent all of Saturday draining the water.

"One of the ladies came in to do some work and when she stepped off the bottom step, she stepped into a pond," said David Thomas, a church member.

Even though the area received no rain overnight, members found more flooding on Sunday morning.

They say the reason behind the new water is due to holes that were drilled into the concrete years ago to treat termites.

The ground water is coming up through those holes as fast as they can get rid of it.

"The water was coming up out of those holes, like little water fountains, just squirting straight up," said David A. Fitzgerald Jr., a church member.

More than two years ago they renovated the basement.

Now, they wonder how much the water damage will cost them.

"All the choir robes have been saturated. Water was up inside the piano. All the furniture is wet, the computer, and a lot of office equipment has already been damaged," Thomas explained.

Thomas said he is unsure how long it will be before they can get rid of all the water.

Mass still took place at St. Paul Episcopal Church on Sunday morning.

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