Winter weather damages East TN cars

12:26 AM, Jan 22, 2013   |    comments
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Some East Tennessee auto repair shops say they're seeing an increase in business as more potholes appear on area roadways.

The Tire Barn Warehouse in West Knoxville has seen a bump in customers looking for tire replacements ever since the snowstorm hit last week.

"Within the first hour [of business Monday], we had three different people call us regarding pothole problems and throughout the day, seven or eight," manager Dave Glovak.

He said potholes can damage a vehicle's suspension.

Fisher Tire and Auto in Bearden said it is also seeing two to three people make similar requests each day.

However, employee Jim Pendergrass said there are other things drivers should pay attention to in the winter as well. For example, cars' batteries can have difficulty starting in the cold as they build up corrosion. Drivers can see the status of their battery with a check-up.

"We sell a lot more batteries during the winter season then we do the summer time," he said.

Pendergrass also recommends drivers wash the salt from the past snowstorm off their cars as it can cause damage to metal below.

"It eats stuff up," he said. "It will rust it [the vehicle]."

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