Your Stories: Ben Finch

5:59 PM, Jan 23, 2013   |    comments
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  • Capturing that perfect moment is perhaps the most important job of a photographer and Ben Finch has made his living doing just that, but he didn't start off in photography.

    Family, love, nature, the click of a camera and Ben Finch freezes a moment in time. Photography wasn't always at the forefront for Ben during his life growing up in Athens.

    "My freshman year of college somebody gave me a guitar and so I started playing the guitar and that just led me to opportunities to play music," says Finch.

    He started playing the guitar at youth camps, college retreats and churches.

    "It wasn't the most steady or well-paying job, but I loved it," says Finch.

    He pursued several degrees at several universities and was on a solid path with a church in Memphis.

    "I always loved the church. I loved serving the church, playing music so it seemed like church vocation was the obvious next step," says Finch.

    But he had other passions. "I was always really creative as a kid and so I felt this creativity that seemed to want to get out."

    And he had a unique opportunity to go to Israel to take pictures. "I convinced my wife. I remember sitting her down and saying 'Hey babe, if you trust me, I am going to spend all of our savings on a camera and some equipment, but I believe I can make our money back if you just trust me,'" says Finch.

    He went and created a beautiful portfolio, but wasn't ready to take the leap so he started pursuing his PhD in strategic and organizational leadership and went to work for a consulting firm.

    "They asked me to create a leadership curriculum and so I did and I compared a healthy organization to music, and so from that it was just real easy to read, so they developed it into a book and so I would go do motivational speaking and incorporate teaching and it just took off from there," says Finch.

    But this photography thing stayed top of mind and eventually he quit his job.

    "I remember thinking 'Okay, my wife is coming home from work cause we just had our first child. I have a great steady paying job and I'm about to quit,'" says Finch.

    And so Finch Photo was born in downtown Athens and he's fit right in.

    "I've been to Israel, I've been to Germany, I've been to some places in the Middle East. In two weeks, I am going to Paris to shoot a family," says Finch. "I've really enjoyed being in this community. I've shot for some of my favorites, Todd Richesin who's one of my favorite designers."

    Ben also handles marketing projects. "We do work for bigger clients such as universities and stuff all the way down to mom and pop next door who need a sign for their business," says Finch.

    But business aside, Ben is all about family.

    "I began taking pictures to photograph my family," says Finch. "I still think my family is my favorite subject, although they are the hardest to photograph because they are non-stop and because I'm daddy."

    Ben Finch-- he makes a living preserving memories and making people smile all in his hometown of Athens.

    "I call it the motherland because I love it," says Finch.

    One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.


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