East Tennesseans prepare for another winter storm

8:35 AM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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East Tennesseans across the region are getting ready for another winter storm.

Knoxville driver Karen Smith was caught off guard by news a storm was on the way. She said hates idea of driving in hazardous conditions.

"I'm not someone who likes seeing other people take chances on the ice," she said.

The City of Knoxville said it will do all it can to keep the roads safe if a major ice storm occurs. Chad Weth, deputy director of the Knoxville Public Safety Department, said the city has replenished all of its 2000 pound salt supply since the winter storm last week.

"With the last storm, the way that it rained many days before, it was a little difficult to pre-treat," Weth said. "So, with this storm, with the weather being clear, we'll probably discuss it in the morning and we'll most likely start brining the roads as early as the early morning hours tomorrow."

He said the city will first treat Level 1 streets: major thoroughfares like Kingston Pike and Broadway. After that, it will treat Level 2 streets: the roads that connect to major streets. Then, finally, it will address side streets throughout the city.

"A lot of trouble spots, the hilly areas, are places we've identified that we'll tackle first," he said.

As for TDOT, it said will treat all of the roads in Region I with brine Thursday in preparation for the storm.

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