Union Co. continues to clean downed trees from roads

11:29 PM, Jan 26, 2013   |    comments
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The sun shined bright across much of East Tennessee Saturday, less than 24 hours after the region dealt with an icy storm.

Local roads departments have finished up much of their work too. However, one in Union County says there is still some more to be done.

Union County Roads Superintendent David Cox said about 200 trees fells across his county during the region's snow and ice events.

"Just tree after tree," he said.

Cox told 10News his department plans to work throughout the week to clear limbs from the county's 400 miles of roadway. It is just one more task on a list that includes many in which Cox's crew has had to complete over the last week.

He said he had a crew of 12 people work 20 hours during the first snow storm. Cox's department laid about 20 tons of chat -- a gravel-like substance -- in both the ice and snow storms on Union County's rugged terrain.

"The challenge is crossing the hill and the ridge," Cox said. "That's the biggest challenge."

Cox said if any more storms were to occur, his department would be ready. He said his department still has about 50 tons of chat to use.

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