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Moments: The Bowl Brothers go to Miami

4:49 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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"We started thinking...let's just put us in black suits and sunglasses and be the 'Bowl Brothers'. That's how it started," explained former WBIR Sports Director Bob Kesling.

With that thought, the 'Bowl Brothers' segment came to life on WBIR airwaves in the mid-80's.  The parody debuted when UT went to the Sugar Bowl and was created during a brain-storming session at Channel 10. The station wanted to find a new and unique way of reporting on the bowl game.

The "Bowl Brothers" idea stayed alive for several years and proved to be wildly popular with East Tennessee viewers, sports coaches and other public figures who gladly played along during the segments.  The original "Bowl Brothers" trio consisted of former WBIR Sports Director Bob Kesling, former WBIR sports reporter Chip Carter and former WBIR weekend anchor Gene Patterson. Later on, Kesling and Patterson were joined by former sports reporter & anchor Ted Hall.  

Over the years, the "Bowl Brothers" followed the Vols to several bowl games including the Liberty and Cotton Bowls. Their time at the Super Bowl came in 1989 when San Francisco 49ers faced the Cincinnati Bengals in Miami. 

More than 20 years later, the "Bowl Brothers" at the Super Bowl in Miami remains a memory shared by many viewers and is one your "Straight from the Heart Moments."



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