A Middle Tenn. school district error could cost Scott Co. up to $200K

3:38 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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Scott County could pay up to $200,000 in costs due to a filing error a middle-Tennessee school district made a couple weeks ago.

Scott County and Oneida Special School District were among the 42 school districts within the state affected by this error.  All these district may have to pay fees and could be ineligible for certain types of aid.  All these school districts used E-Rate funds to buy affordable internet and phone services.

Scott County School officials told 10News that its school district used E-Rate funds to pay for the 90 percent of its internet and phone services.

If the FCC finds that the county shouldn't have received the funds, the schools may have to pay back $80,000 for the services it has already used. The school could even have to pay back $200,000 for the whole academic year.

The district have asked to file a waiver with the FCC, so it wouldn't have to refund the internet and phone aid. School officials said without the aid, the district would have to drastically cut its services. Officials said they're reapplying for the aid during the next academic year.

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