Anderson Co. High School remembering senior who died in car crash

4:30 PM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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Cameron Sharp, 17-year-old senior at Anderson Co. High School was killed in a car crash 1/28/13.

A 17-year-old Anderson County High School senior died when the car he was riding in struck a Ford truck at the interchange of Highway 61 and Highway 441 Monday afternoon.

According to a release from the Norris Police Department, Cameron Sharp of Andersonville died at the scene of the accident. 

The driver of the Ford Escort, 18-year-old Evan Weaver, was flown to UT Medical Center where he is listed in stable condition.  Weaver is also a senior at Anderson County High School.

The Norris Police Department says Weaver was merging south onto Highway 441 from Highway 61E when he lost control of the Escort he was driving.  The Escort then crossed over the concrete island and struck a Ford F250 truck.  The truck was traveling north on Highway 441.


Both the driver and the passenger in the truck were injured.  The passenger needed several stitches in his head.

The Norris Police Department is continuing to investigate the wreck.

Tuesday morning, students at Anderson County High School gathered for a prayer vigil for Cameron Sharp's family and for Evan Weaver's recovery.

Senior Maggie Smith came to the vigil. She said she met Cameron and Evan in Middle School.

"He was one of the first guys I interacted with and he's just one of the guys who always held the door open for me, always made the effort to come speak to me as the new kid," said Smith, "He was just always very polite to me."

The Anderson County School district had grief counselors on hand all day and some on stand-by.

The Director of Secondary Education for the Anderson County School District, Dr. Timothy Parrott, said Tuesday was about helping the students heal.

"The senior class is a pretty unique class. They really do a lot of things and with the way technology is today, once the tweets started going out everybody was pretty much like, "Hey, what can we do, what can we do?"

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