New TN School for the Deaf building in State of the State

7:06 PM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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Governor Bill Haslam wants to spend $22 million on a project that will hit close to home here in Knoxville.

In Monday's "State of the State" address, the governor announced plans to build a new high school on the K-12 campus. Currently, four buildings make up the higher-level portion of the curriculum, some of them date to the 1920s.

"You can tell they have some weathering done to them. I can tell that the school needs to get a new high school itself," said Monty Castell, who picks up three of the high school students daily.

According to the state website, the project calls for the demolition of Poore Hall, and to place the new high school on that land.

"We also have a number of children who have secondary disabilities. So it's much more effective, from an educational point of view, to centralize subjects and services for those children," said TSD superintendent Alan Mealka.

He stressed that the plans are not final at this time because the state House and Senate did not approve the 2013-2014 budget.

However the plans still look promising, Castell said.

"It'll be super for the kids; they can always use a new building to learn in, you know," Castell said.

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