Winter Weather returns Sunday

11:29 AM, Feb 3, 2013   |    comments
Snow in Knoxville Sunday morning 2/3/13. 10News Street Crew
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Snow started falling in the East Tennessee region early Sunday morning.  With the snow, road conditions were on the minds of many residents.  Authorities are advising drivers to give themselves more time to reach destinations.

Here is a list of road conditions by county:


Cumberland Co.- starting to snow outside, dispatch says the roads are ok (8:20 a.m.) Covered with snow in Crossville according to Crossville Fire Department. (10:28 a.m.) Roads are good.
Fentress Co.- no reports, probably very slick- they are covered in snow (8:22 a.m.) Roads are in pretty bad shape. Back roads are the worst. (10:26 a.m.) main roads are better, but not in great shape- back roads and side roads are still in terrible shape.  No reported accidents.


Morgan Co.- do not information on the roads, not snowing at this time (8:24 a.m.) No reports of accidents as of yet, but roads are slick. (10:24 a.m.) some slick spots, many passable, but they are urging caution, roads have been treated
Roane Co.- NO snow or ice, roads are ok (7:35) Roads are covered. Worst spots on I40E exits 350-352 are the worst. Brine Trucks are out. (10:23 a.m.) No reports of any accidents
Anderson Co.- a few back roads are slick, some in Andersonville, but besides that everything is ok. (10:22 a.m.) two non-injury accidents, roads are slick in spots


Scott Co.- right now roads are clear, but it is snowing(7:45) flurries; salt trucks are out; no accidents yet (9:39 a.m.) so far the main roads are clear, some slick spots on the back roads
Campbell Co.- right now the roads are clear and no snow.(7:45am) snow just started. no accidents yet (9:40 a.m.) Two to three inches of snow, roads are covered in LaFollette, one wreck without injury
Union Co.- back roads are spotty with snow from overnight, not snowing at this time (9:43 a.m.) no answer
Claiborne Co.- no reports of slick roads (9:44 a.m.) main roads are good, back roads have a dusting on them, no accidents

Knox Co.- roads are fine (8:40 a.m.) TDOT- Heavy snow, crews are treating roads. (9:45 a.m.) earlier had some snow, is clear now, no wrecks in city, one in a parking lot in the county that THP is working at Emory Rd


Loudon Co.- no complaints about the roads (9:46 a.m) a couple of slick spots earlier, but no accidents
Blount Co.- no reports of problems with roads(8:00am) Roads in Walland are slick (9:47 a.m.) no reports of accidents, sun is out now and things are warming up
Monroe Co.- no reports of roads being bad, (8:00am) still no report (9:48 a.m.) no complaints, all good
McMinn Co.- so far the roads are good (9:49 a.m.) no accidents, everything is melting
Sevier Co.- roads are fine (9:53 a.m.) roads are ok, no wrecks reported


Jefferson Co.- backroads are pretty slick from overnight off and on snow (9:54 a.m.) no reports of any accidents
Hamblen Co.- nothing to report on the roads (9:55 a.m.) roads are fine, no report of wrecks
Grainger Co.- no reports of the roads being bad (9:56 a.m.) possibility of back roads being bad, but no reports have been made
Cocke Co. - outlying areas are slick but main roads are ok (9:59 a.m.) everything is quiet
Greene Co.- roads are clear, some snow falling (10:01) snowing, but no problems reported


McCreary- as far they know everything is ok (10:05 a.m.) roads are a little slippery but they are being treated
Whitley- so far so good, they haven't had any reports of anything(10:06 a.m.) everything's fine with the roads
Knox Co., KY- just started snowing, some back roads are still slick(10:07 a.m.) all clear
Bell Co.- no complaints so far, some snow (10:08 a.m.) no reports of wrecks
Harlan Co.- roads are slick but mostly clear (10:09 a.m.) the roads are ok

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