'State of the System': UT President Dr. DiPietro praises TN higher education proposals

2:17 PM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
UT President Dr. Joe DiPietro
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University of Tennessee System President Dr. Joe DiPietro gave his "State of the System" address for the first time online Monday morning.

During his speech, Dr. DiPietro talked about Gov. Bill Haslam's proposals to help higher education in Tennessee.

Those proposals include increased funding for capital projects on Tennessee campuses and raising the state's graduation rates.

Haslam said right now only 32 percent of Tennesseans have associate's degree or higher. He wants to raise that rate to 55 percent by 2025.

DiPietro said Haslam's plan will make the state more competitive.

"We have to get even better because we have to be more efficient to various degrees because we don't have a lot of capacity to expand the number of people we enroll," said DiPietro in his address. "I think it's a very ambitious goal, and I think it will drive Tennessee to be a much better state economically, bring greater businesses into the communities in our state because we have a trained workforce, and it's a very admirable thing."

DiPietro said he was pleased that the governor emphasized higher education during his "State of the State" address.

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