Drivers say delay to Henley Bridge construction is stressful, frustrating

9:53 PM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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Drivers who rely on Knoxville's Henley Bridge say a delay in its opening is stressful and frustrating.

TDOT says the bridge is now set to re-open by the end of February 2014. It was supposed to be open in June of this year.

TDOT says the reason for the delay is a lot of the concrete and steel in the bridge is in worse shape than expected. Crews will have to rebuild the inside of several piers that support the bridge.

Another year of construction means traffic backups will continue for drivers.

"The back up, you have to add 20, 25 extra minutes to allow yourself to get to work because it does get really backed up on Henley Street," said driver Preston Itaro.

"I honestly think they probably could have built a new bridge in what they're having to do to repair this one," said Cheryl Drain, who works at UT.

The extra work on the Henley Bridge will cost $6 million. That brings the total price of the project to more than $32 million.

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