Fentress sheriff opposes President Obama's gun proposals

8:03 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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Fentress County Sheriff Tony Choate is one of a growing number of law enforcers across the country showing disapproval over President Obama's gun law proposals.

"I've seen so much about it. Been getting calls and a lot of concerns about it in the county," the sheriff said Tuesday.

The president is calling for a ban on assault weapons and requiring universal background checks for gun buyers.  Sheriff Choate said those proposals violate the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, and said if any law is passed in Washington, he'll not uphold it.

"I'm not going to enforce federal laws. State and local laws is what I enforce. I will not enforce that law," said the sheriff.

He says the right listed on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is  is what his forefathers fought for.

"When you take away guns from innocent and honest people, all you're doing is allowing is the criminal element to get involved more deeply," he added.

The sheriff's message is getting attention in the county seat of Jamestown.

"I think for this part of the world where I grew up in, it's always been that way. I think they support the right to have a gun," said Fentress County native James Key.

"It's the Second Amendment and a lot of people around here like their guns, and they hunt and we really respect guns and gun laws," said Jamestown resident Hank Bow.

As the debate continues in Washington over the gun control proposals, this local sheriff also watches and waits for what happens next.

"I think that's my obligation, I'm very strongly on this," the Sheriff Choate.

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