KUB customers notice big change in recent bill

9:21 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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Lynedia Gregg of Knoxville said her utility bill has skyrocketed.

Gregg said, "I think it's ridiculous! We're in here with coats and sweaters and we're not using any more electricity than we were using. I went online, it hasn't come in the mail yet, I wanted to check. $439."

Gregg said that's almost $240 higher than her November 2012 bill. And she's not alone. A lot of East Tennesseans are experiencing similar shock.

Sarah Frankel, owner of Crush Boutique in Knoxville's Old City, said she's also noticed a big change.

Frankel said, "My electric bill from December 20th to January 20th doubled."

Frankel showed copies of her Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) bills. She was charged $370.77 for her shop's utility use for the period ending on December 20, 2012. For the period ending January 22, 2013, Frankel owes %538.78.

"It's outrageous for a small business. It's very expensive right now," said Frankel.

Mike Allison, Customer Service Supervisor for KUB, said the company no longer estimates utilities cost, a practice some thought the company was continuing to do. Allison said the spike can simply be blamed on the cold weather.

"The colder it gets outside, even though you don't change the setting on your thermostat, the more your heating unit has had to work to keep that home at that comfortable temperature," said Allison.

Gregg said she keeps her thermostat on 63 degrees and never changes it. Still, Gregg says the price increase is tough to take.

"There are so many in this city who may not be able to pay that absorbent amount for their electricity. It's going to be whether they eat or have heat," Gregg said.

KUB says they offer a balanced payment plan in which customers pay basically the same amount every month; however, that is not an option for businesses.

You may contact KUB by calling (865) 524 - 2911 or online at www.kub.org.

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