Safer Internet Day teaches young adults about online responsibility

10:11 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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Around the globe and here in East Tennessee, tech experts are working to promote safe internet use among kids and young adults as part of Safer Internet Day.

Tuesday is the 10th year for the global online event sponsored by Insafe. It's about getting young adults to be more responsible online.

Tech expert Jason Graf says young people don't understand the power of the internet and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

"Young adults are being given very powerful tools to be able to communicate with their friends, and a lot of times they don't realize while they are communicating with their friends, they might also be communicating with the world," he said.

Technology companies, like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, all took part in Tuesday's event.

You can find tips about internet safety and a hotline for people with questions on the event's website.

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