Tyler Summitt paving his own coaching path

10:30 PM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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The images we remember of Tyler Summitt are of a young, red-haired, freckled face boy. Helping his mom cut down all those nets.

Now 23 years old, Tyler is turning out just like him mom.

"Honestly, I grew up seeing exactly what it was like, being a head coach and an assistant coach at a national level and to see what it takes to win a national championship."

Tyler is now an assistant for the women's basketball team at Marquette, and despite his incredible basketball pedigree, Tyler didn't need any special favors to get his first head coaching gig.

"You know it's funny, people always assume Terri and mom were best friends, they knew each other, but it's not like they talked more than once a year at the Final Four. When I called, Terri and my mom had actually never spoke until after me coming here, until after I was hired."

Tyler says one of the best parts about the job is that Head Coach Terri Mitchell gives Tyler the freedom to help run practice, and just like his mom, he can be a bit vocal.

"You know I think everybody has their own unique philosophy. What's been great for me, is Terri gives me so much freedom to take what I've learned from my mom, Coach Pearl and Coach Martin and mesh them all together into my own philosophy.

"It's incredible how much freedom she's given me during practice and games. She calls me her offensive coordinator."

It possible, no one ever matches Pat Summitt's accolades, 1098 wins, 16 SEC titles, and eight National Championships make for some very large shoes to fill.

If you ask Tyler though, that's the way he prefers it. Big shoes means there's always room to grow into them.

"I look forward to being a head coach one day willing."


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