Blount gun rally tackles proposal misconceptions

12:34 AM, Feb 9, 2013   |    comments
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A Saturday afternoon rally on gun rights and ownership will be the latest in a string in nationwide events over President Obama's recent firearm proposals.

Local gun owner John Smaldone heard about the Maryville-based rally. He, like many Americans, has been watching the ongoing political discussion.

"I think they're being infringed upon. But I think the real problem we have here is fear," Smaldone said.

"This is not as much as all our 2nd Amendment rights being stripped away from us, but where is it going to lead from here?"

The rally's organizer, Blount County Sheriff's Lt. Randy Ailey, agreed with Smaldone's logic.

"Heard a lot of people talking about it and somebody decided to step up and get something started," Lt. Ailey said.

Three of the biggest proposals he has been talking about are background checks, an assault weapons ban, and limits on ammunition magazines. Congress would have to approve them before they could take effect.

"By Congress doing it, you're letting the people speak and I don't believe Congress will do it because they're representing the people," Lt. Ailey added.

Gun owners 10News spoke with said one of the biggest fears is if the government plans to take away guns that Americans already own. No such proposals are currently on the table.

"Taking away our weapons, taking away from the good abiding citizens? That's not going to solve anything," Smaldone said.

Nonetheless, Lt. Ailey said the rules would mean new restrictions on gun owners, something this rally will stand against.

"This event will be civil and will be a peaceful rally," said the organizer.

The event will take place Saturday at noon at the Blount County Courthouse.

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