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Knoxville Cardinal Rigali will help decide next pope

8:28 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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Knoxville Cardinal Justin Rigali will be one of 117 cardinals to help decide a new pope after the planned resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

The Diocese of Knoxville held a press conference Monday afternoon about the upcoming plans for the cardinal.

"The Catholic World is really grateful to him, and I know the Catholic world is interested with what's going on," he said.

Cardinal Rigali will be one of seven American cardinals going to Rome at the end of the month to help decide who will lead the world's 1.1 billion Catholic faithful.

Since there won't be a period of mourning, he said the conclave will get down to business when at the Vatican.

"They have meetings every day in the morning, and in the afternoon, until the pope is elected, and we know there's a majority, two-thirds plus one."

However, while they are looking ahead, Cardinal Rigali will always remember the numerous times he has spent with Pope Benedict. He said one trait he admires is an uncanny memory.

"He had the presence of mind which he maintained so magnificently during the Pontiff. His mental presence is tremendous," he said.

They will gather before February 28th, when Pope Benedict officially resigns.

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