Team UT students share Super Bowl experiences

8:43 PM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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Dr. Fritz Polite has taken many students to Super Bowls over the years.

"I've done 10 but each game is different," said Polite.

On Super Bowl Sunday, his Team UT students were in New Orleans working behind-the-scenes at the mega sporting event.

"I kind of created a product and we created a thing called TEAM UT and we attempt to brand that and market it. It's basically a platform for students to gain  learning experiences during mega sporting events. The thing that's unique is that very seldom do students get to do such things as The Olympics, The Super Bowl, All-Star games, those are one-time events that are very big so it's very tough to get in."

While in the Big Easy, Team UT worked long hours in the days leading up to and during the big game.

"On Super Bowl Sunday we were actually working  on location in a pre-game party that was playing," recalled Erika Morris, a first year graduate at the University of Tennessee in Sports Management.

They were also there during the memorable power outage.

"We were actually being talked to about post-game stuff at that time. We actually didn't lose power in the room we were in but we lost sound and we lost all audio and all the televisions went out and we were like 'what's going on?'" recalled Morris.

Morris credits Dr. Polite with giving them the tools needed to handle something like a power outage.

"At that time you gotta deal with crisis management and go with the flow and we did whatever they asked us to do," said Morris.

"They make me feel ..very, very good," said Polite. "When I say that it's kind of self-fulfillment for me. I could easily go to a Super Bowl and just volunteer to work that's not that difficult to do. But it's not about's really about's about providing opportunities to put them in a position so that they can grow and foster and allowing them to establish a stronger and wider them the opportunities to become better leader."

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