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TN politicians react to State of the Union address

12:33 AM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
  • Jimmy Duncan
  • Chuck Fleischmann
  • Phil Roe
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Tennessee's Congressional delegation is reacting to the president's ideas proposed in the State of the Union address Tuesday night.

The reaction is mostly negative, but Dr. Phil Roe of the First District says he supports the president on becoming energy independent. He wishes the president would go even farther.

"We haven't had an energy policy for 40 years in this country. Why he's not supporting Keystone Pipeline to bring in one million gallons of oil from Canada, I don't understand why he isn't doing that," said Roe.

Representative Chuck Fleischmann, who represents Tennessee's Third District, says he was very disappointed in the speech. He says the president's call to raise taxes on the wealthy won't help reduce deficits.

"We're spending far too much money. It's not a revenue problem. The president has raised taxes. I voted not to raise taxes. He got his tax increases; he wants more. I couldn't disagree more with that policy," said Fleischmann.

Congressman Jimmy Duncan voiced similar concerns about the country's debt.

In a statement reacting to the president's speech, Duncan said, "The government's appetite for more money and power can never be satisfied. This country would boom beyond belief if we could lower taxes and significantly reduce federal spending."

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