President Obama takes message to support middle class to Asheville

9:06 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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On Wednesday, President Barack Obama took his State of the Union message on the road.

In his speech, the president focused on jobs, the economy, gun control, and raising the minimum wage.

He called for stronger bipartisan cooperation especially as congress works to cut a deal on taxes and spending to avoid drastic spending cuts.

He began a three city tour, touting his new initiatives that focus on the middle class, in Asheville, North Carolina.

He hammered that point home in Asheville, where he met with workers at Linamar Corporation, a successful auto plant.

He said America needs a smarter government, not a bigger one, and he's hoping investments in American businesses like Linamar will help the middle class and the U.S.

"Our middle class, when it's growing, when it's thriving, when there are ladders of opportunity for people to do a little bit better each year and make sure that their kids are doing even better than them. That is the American dream. That's what we gotta fight for," he said.

The president travels to Atlanta Thursday and then to Chicago on Friday to talk more about his proposals.

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