Etowah police use 'body cameras,' promise success for other agencies

7:37 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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The Pigeon Forge police chief said by this summer, all motorcycle officers will be equipped with new cameras that can attach on a police officer's uniform.


It would be the biggest law enforcement squad to date in East Tennessee to use this technology, but it's been in use for another community in the last year.

"If anything bad does happen, you can see what circumstances I've gone through," said Etowah officer Tim Davis Jr.

Currently, there are eight "Vie Vu" cameras in use at the Etowah Police Department, with most of the costs coming from a Governor's Highway Safety Grant.

"They help curtail complaints on officers because the video doesn't lie. They also help with evidence, if they go on a burglary call and find the suspect inside. Then there he is," said Etowah Police Chief Eric Armstrong.

Chief Armstrong also said while this technology will be great for other departments, the traditional dash cams on cruisers will not go away anytime soon.

"It has things it can capture that Vie Vu can't, but I do believe it's a wave of the future," the chief said.

Officer Davis said gives his full support to this new technology.

"Taking care of court cases beforehand so they can't fight the evidence because obviously it will be right there," he said.

The cameras going to Pigeon Forge will be from a different manufacturer, but will be the same kind of technology and at the same cost. The cameras will cost more than $900 per unit.

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