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Proposed bill would allow bullied kids to fight back

8:49 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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Bullying continues to be a big concern in our area schools, and now a proposed bill would allow Tennessee students to fight back if they're attacked, without punishment.

The measure would amend widespread 'zero tolerance' policies for fighting in schools. In most schools right now, kids who are bullied and those who fight back in self-defense get the same punishment.

One mother whose son is bullied supports the measure, but some schools worry it could cause even more violence.

"My kid is supposed to be safe when he goes to school. You know, he's not supposed to come home with knots on his head," said parent Theresa Higdon.

"Wasn't sure if it would promote more fighting in the schools. That's the thing I would be worried about, but the language in the bill would be taking care of that with the principal's discretion," said Mark Griffith, Marion County director of schools.

If the bill does become law, individual school boards would still have to re-write their policies and vote on it.

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