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Knox Co. bus driver charged with stealing, selling school bus

3:21 PM, Feb 25, 2013   |    comments
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The Knoxville man facing charges for stealing a Knox County school bus and trying to sell it was a bus driver himself.

Knoxville police say 61-year old Hillman Greenlee took the 1998 Blue Ribbon Coach bus last week.  They say he sold it to someone else for $1200 dollars

Authorities charged Greenlee with one count of theft.

He was a bus driver for contractor Horace Blakely.  After his arrest, Knox County Schools immediately took him off the roster of approved drivers.

Greenlee's arraignment is set for March 5.

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Knoxville Police have arrested the man they believe stole a Knox County school bus earlier this week.

Hillman Greenlee, 61, of Knoxville, is charged with one count of theft.

Investigators say Greenlee stole bus #117 Wednesday while the owner was out of town, and sold it to someone else for $1200 dollars.  KPD says the bus is valued at approximately $2,000.

Knox County school buses are not owned by the school district, but by individual contractors.

The bus was located in Anderson County.

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Knoxville Police say they have recovered bus 117 in Anderson County.

Investigators got a tip about the location of the bus about 90 minutes after it was reported that the bus was missing. 

Two people have been questioned about the bus theft, but no one has been arrested.

Police are also questioning the bus driver and owner, trying to develop more leads.

The bus did not have a camera.

Usually in cases like this, the bus is stolen for a "joyride" but police aren't sure what the motive was this time.



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 A KPD spokesperson tells 10News that bus #117 was stolen from Prosser Road school bus lot Wednesday morning.

Police say the bus served Norwood Elementary, Beaumont Elementary, and Northwest Middle. 

Investigators are on the scene of where the bus was taken from.

If anyone has seen the bus #117 with tag 246WNB, police ask them to call 911.

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