Knoxville woman wins over $25K on Wheel of Fortune

10:00 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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Another East Tennessean spun the wheel Thursday on Wheel of Fortune.

Kathryn Napier of Knoxville made it all the way to the bonus round. While she didn't solve the final puzzle, she did walk away with over $25,000 and a trip to Hawaii.

Kathryn's family and friends gathered Thursday at Barley's in the Old City to watch her on the big screen. She said she taped the show back in November, and had to keep the outcome a secret.

"It was so difficult and I'd keep slipping up. I'd be like 'Oh I called, you know, my sister was on, I introduced her,' that would give it away that I went to the bonus round or that I'd say something. So people don't know how many times I was like 'oh then... nevermind,'" she described.

Kathryn said something that surprised her during the show was how fast it took to tape her episode. It was only 20 minutes. And she said the wheel is really heavy.

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