Comic Book Club produces super heroes

5:25 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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He wanted to get involved at Sevier County High School but there was a problem.

"All the clubs they had required something physical and obviously I'm not too good at that," Monte Hubbard said as he gestured toward his wheelchair.

So Monte Hubbard mentioned to his mother a possible comic book club then she approached the school about Monte starting one.

And he did.

"Our main focus is to pair up writers and artists and put them in a group together so they can make a story or a character," he explained.

The club attracts creative and imaginative students, more than 80 so far.

Gina Davis is the faculty sponsor.

"All kinds of kids have come in and found a place where they feel like they fit in and they've kind of formed their own family," Gina Davis said.

Collaboration between writers and artists is what attracted Ashley New, one of the original members.

"The drawers normally come up with the ideas and then we just base the story off of that," Ashley New said. "Reading comic books all the time, talking about them. It's totally turned in to something else."

Over the last 18 months the members have matured and so has the mission of the Comic Book Club.

"Volunteer work. A family pretty much. We're so close, we're closer almost than my own family is to me. It's kind of cool," Ashley said.

Monte said, "Our motto is Comic Book Club, where you can create super heroes or you can be one."

They are super heroes who don't have super powers.

Monte said, "We don't have super powers or gadgets we can throw around to stop bad guys so we try to help in any wy we can with doing volunteering."

The students volunteer a lot.

"We've donated coloring books and comic books to the Children's Hospital," he said.

Monte's mother Jvonne Hubbard organizes the service projects.

"We've helped with Hospice, and nursing home visits, we've done Winterfest Parade. Sevier County is trying to build an interactive playground for those who are disabled so anybody who needs help, we're there. Comic Book Club is there!" she said.

Comic books are still a big part of actual club meetings because it's what all the kids have in common.

Ashley said, "Monte? He's like the backbone of the whole thing."

Monte's favorite comic book character is Venom. His least favorite? The Wonder Twins.

"At least the girl at least she turned in to a cat or a tiger or something. But the dude would always turn into a pellet of ice or a bucket of water. It's like, really, you couldn't think of anything better than that?" he said.

They thought of something better: being super heroes through volunteering.

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