West Knoxville business reopens one day after federal raid

8:05 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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Employees of a West Knoxville business are in the dark about why it is under federal investigation. This comes one day after IRS and FBI agents surprised Service Providers Group in Turkey Creek with a joint raid.

An IRS spokesperson told 10News on Friday that it could be a while before they can release any additional information about this investigation.

SPG's Knoxville office was open for business for Friday, even though on Thursday evening, federal agents removed at least 60 boxes from it as part of the investigation. An employee told 10News that it was basically business as usual on Friday. 10News also called the office on Friday to verify the office re-opened on Friday.  Agents sent all employees home for the day after they showed up at the office on Thursday.

On Thursday 10News reported another employee said her supervisor notified her late that afternoon to show up to work on Friday morning like normal.
Other employees said that SPG's owner, Joe Usher, held a staff meeting first thing where he reassured them about the company's status.
Some former and current clients have told 10News that they have spoken to the IRS about the investigation. In some cases, that communication occurred before Thursday's raid.

10News called Usher at the Knoxville office on Friday afternoon. A woman who answered the phone there said she'd pass our phone number along to his assistant. We have not received a call back.

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