Deal to reopen Scott County hospital falls through

6:54 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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The deal to reopen the Scott County hospital has fallen through.

Thursday was the deadline set by the Scott County Commission for the potential operator, S.M. Promen, to come up with $3 million dollars to operate the hospital.  They failed to do that, so Scott County Mayor Jeff Tibbals terminated the agreement.

There is a special called meeting Monday night, March 4, for county officials to discuss what to do next.

The hospital closed last May.  Now, Scott County residents who need medical care must travel at least 45 minutes to the closest hospital.

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We will know whether Scott County's hospital will re-open by Thursday evening.

The potential operator, SM Promen has until 5:30 pm  Thursday to secure $3 million dollars.   It also has to submit documents to the attorney general by then.

Scott County Mayor Jeff Tibbals told 10News Wednesday morning that he has not received any notice that SM Promen has done either of these things.

If the operator can't prove it has enough cash to operate a hospital, the county will kill the deal.

The hospital closed last May, after a contract with Health Management Associates ended, and the company pulled out.

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