City of Knoxville will study signal timing for next year on two major roads

1:38 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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Quicker lights and less stopping will soon be in the future for drivers on two major roadways in Knoxville.

Friday, City of Knoxville engineers met with Tennessee Department of Transportation representatives and consultants from two companies.

The consultants will spend the next year doing research on signal timing, idling, and traffic congestion on Broadway between Jackson Avenue and I-640 and on Kingston Pike from Cherokee Boulevard to Bridgewater Road.

The companies in charge of the projects will look at things like left turn signals, yellow light lengths, and pedestrian walkway timing, as well as how many cars drive through the areas.

The two consulting companies will each tackle one of the roads. They will also study how the roads handle holiday traffic.

The projects will each be funded by a more than half a million dollar CMAQ or Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality combined federal grant to reduce idle time for drivers, therefore helping our air quality.

City Traffic Engineer, Stephen Millsaps, said, "Best case scenario is that ultimately the travel time is reduced and in reducing travel time the emissions from the vehicles are reduced, so there is less idling on both the corridors of Broadway and Kingston Pike and the air quality improves because of that"

We could see the changes in the signals by the end of the year, but most likely by early 2014.

The plan was supposed to be completed by March. A City Traffic Engineer did not know the reason for the late start.

In August, WBIR showed you how long it takes to drive Broadway and Kingston Pike now with the red lights. Also, in August, the City Council approved the go ahead for these projects.

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