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Knoxville drivers react to higher gas prices

7:56 PM, Mar 3, 2013   |    comments
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Drivers in East Tennessee are reacting to the higher gas prices.

Gas prices are expected to go down within the coming weeks, according to AAA.

Prices still rose 10 percent last month, making it the worst February on record.

AAA said the higher gas prices are the result of a slowdown at several refineries undergoing equipment upgrades.

According to, in Knoxville on Sunday prices for unleaded fuel ranged from $3.24-$3.90 per gallon.

"I just got to make my money stretch," said Linda Comerford.

She filled up her van in North Knoxville.

"Since I got this van I can never keep it on full because the prices are so high," Comerford said.

In February 2003, gas prices spiked $.07 per gallon.

The average cost of unleaded gas was $1.49 per gallon.

"I liked it a lot better when it was that low," said Robert Newcomb, who spends about $75 per day on gas while driving for his job.

Ralph Bounds went on to say, "It'd be nice to have gas prices lower a little bit just to help the consumer out right now in today's times."

When keeping inflation in mind, it has not changed as drastically as it may appear.

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