East TN city comes together to save fireworks show

12:32 AM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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It may be winter, but that hasn't stopped one East Tennessee community from planning some summer fun.

The City of Crossville decided to cancel its 2013 Fourth of July Fireworks show last summer due to budget constraints. The event, which costs $30,000 to produce, can attract more than 15,000 from nearby Plateau communities.

"Wasn't an easy decision," said Crossville City Manager Bruce Wyatt. "We struggled with it."

Restaurant owner Bruce Cannon said he understood the city's decision not to have a show, especially considering the country's economic landscape. But, he still wanted to help.

So, one day, Cannon approached Wyatt with an idea. Business members could collect donations to fund the fireworks show.

"A couple of the banks have promised to commit to some funding," Cannon said.

The local hospital may even provide some funds too to the effort.

Cannon said he just felt it was important Crossville celebrate the birth of America.

"It's an celebration that unites us," he said.

City council members like Danny Wyatt agree.

"This shows what kind people we have in Crossville and were proud to be here," he said.

Cannon said he would like to raise about $15,000. According to Bruce Wyatt, however, the city has only raised about $5,000.

But, ultimately, Crossville will have more money than that at its disposal once it plans its fireworks show with the company Pyro Fireworks in April. In February, city council members voted only to have a show, but to financially match the donation amount made by community members.

"It's going to be a lot easier to budget," Bruce Wyatt said.

If you would like to donate money, there are a couple of ways you can do so.

Bruce Cannon is taking donations at his restaurants across Cumberland County.

They are the Blind Zebra Sports Bar & Grill and the Beef and Barrel Restaurant in Crossville. He also owns the 19th Hole in Lake Tansi. He has also set up an account with First Bank in Crossville where donations can be made too. Bruce Wyatt said the city is also taking donations. He said interested parties can contact Crossville Marketing and Public Relations Director Billy Loggins at 931-787-1956

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