Mountain communities of Hartford, Cosby reflect on snowfall

8:12 PM, Mar 6, 2013   |    comments
2.5" of snow fell on Cosby, Cocke County Wednesday.
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The Wednesday snowstorm left 2.5 inches of snow in parts of mountainous Cocke County, according to the National Weather Service. As a result, parts of the county, including Cosby and Hartford, remained under a winter storm warning through the day.

"It has been a mild winter and a wet winter," said James Wright, a 68-year resident of Cosby.

He, like many in town, remember the days when there were more snowstorms in the area.

"When I was a kid, when I was younger, we had pretty good snows. We had two to three foot high snows," Wright added.

Even some of the younger generation say they've seen a difference between then and now in the climate.

"Kids, they don't understand the kind of snows we got when we were young. I guess that's why they take advantage of it," said Cody Lowe, a 24-year-old lifelong Cosby resident.

The National Weather Service has been keeping tabs on Cocke County in the last century. In nearby Newport, where records are kept, they report 1.8 inches of snow fell in 2011; 20 inches of snow were reported in 1993.

"You don't even need four wheel drive anymore, just on the back roads, maybe," said Janice Ownby, another Cosby resident.

While it is a debate on whether this 'snow subtraction' is coincidental or man made, that is not stopping from enjoying the glistening, winter landscape provided by Mother Nature.

"It's a beautiful area here in Cosby," said Lowe.

Others think differently.

"I hate the snow," smiled Ownby.

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