Crossville soldier surprises his kids at school

6:44 PM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
SSG Cowgill and his daughter have a moment after his surprise return.
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Second graders and kindergarteners saw a precious surprise Friday at Martin Elementary School in Crossville.

The kids filed into the gym having no idea that they were there for two of their schoolmates. The Cowgill kids were waiting just like everyone else as they were told about cookies being sold when all of a sudden a second grader went flying into the arms of a man wearing camouflage.

Soon a younger girl in a red dress followed, joining her big brother in a surprise welcome home for their day!  Staff Sergeant Christopher Cowgill, just back from deployment, hugged his two children while the kids and adults looked on. You can be there were plenty of years as they watched a family coming back together.  Their mom stood watching with a smile and tear in her eye as well

Christopher's wife, Scarlett, picked him up Thursday night and waited until Friday to surprise the kids at school.  The Cowgills' younger girls had already been surprised earlier in the day. . 

Staff Sergeant Cowgill received a bunch of firm handshakes from the other children as they shuffled out of the gym.

So where did the Cowgill's head right after the happy reunion?  To get some ice cream and sweet tea!

Welcome home, SSG Cowgill, and thank you.

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