Duck Dynasty Star speaks to thousands in Greeneville

12:20 AM, Mar 10, 2013   |    comments
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Phil Robertson of A&E's popular reality TV show, "Duck Dynasty," made people in Greeneville "happy, happy, happy" Saturday night.

He came to speak at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church as part of its outdoor ministry series. Phil gave his personal testimony to more than 3,000 people at the Hal Henard School gym. Before his speaking engagement, Phil and his wife Mrs. Kay met fans during a special BBQ dinner.

She said he doesn't leave home without three things: her, his bible and of course his duck calls.

"I travel everywhere he does," said Mrs. Kay. "He doesn't leave home without his bag of duck calls, his Bible and me."

Robertson has become one of the top public speakers in the country, but was actually booked for the event in Greeneville a while ago.

Phil said don't let his appearance fool you. He's a strong Christian at heart.

"For everybody that says that boy looks a little rough around the edges, remember this Tennessee, John the Baptist looked a lot rougher than I do now, and he paved the way for the Savior of the world," said Robertson. "There you go."

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