9-year-old girl talks about dog attack

6:44 PM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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  • Lexi Cutshaw, 9, recovering at home from dog attack.
  • COURTESY: Kandra Shearer
  • COURTESY: Kandra Shearer
  • COURTESY: Kandra Shearer
  • COURTESY: Kandra Shearer

Lexi Cutshaw, 9, is back at home recovering from being bitten by a dog Saturday afternoon.

Lexi said, "I was riding my skateboard and then [the dog] came into the yard and bit me after I tried to pet him."

Lexi's mother, Kandra Shearer, said her daughter was at her grandmother's home on Texas Valley Road with her father when the attack happened.

Shearer said, "I got the call around two o'clock."

Knox County sheriff's deputies described the dog as a Labrador - Pit Bull mix, which left Lexi with two five-inch gashes on her forehead.

Shearer said, "I almost passed out. I had to sit down. I didn't know if she had nerve damage or if it went into her skull. When I saw it I got sick to my stomach."

Shearer said Lexi's operation lasted more than an hour as doctors sewed dozens of stitches into the girl's forehead.

Lexi said she's now a little afraid of dogs.

"The ones I don't know," said the nine-year-old.

Deputies say the dog's owner, Cecil Capps, told them the dog had been missing for a day. Capps helped deputies catch the animal, which has been taken to the Young-Williams Animal Center for a mandatory 10-day rabies quarantine. Deputies say Capps could not provide proof of rabies vaccination for the dog. As a result, Shearer says her daughter has to have four rabies shots.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office said so far no charges or citations have been brought against Capps as the investigation continues.


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