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KKK-connected flyer found in Oak Ridge neighborhood

11:50 PM, Mar 14, 2013   |    comments
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A controversial flyer was found in a number of front yards and driveways in an Oak Ridge neighborhood Thursday.

"Went out to my car this morning and found a baggie," said one neighbor who wanted to be identified as "Mike." Inside the bag was a rock and a flyer with the words "neighborhood watch" and "You can sleep well tonight knowing the UKA [United Klans of America] is awake." United Klans of America leaders claim to be connected with the KKK.

"At first, I was shocked. Wondering what the Klan was doing in my area," the neighbor added.

10News found at least half a dozen similar flyers along Bermuda Road and Beverly Circle on the city's west end.

"Just opening it up to see 'neighborhood watch,' and the first thing I thought of was, 'oh we're having a neighborhood watch' that somebody was organizing," said neighbor Judy Wyrick. "But as soon as I saw the word Klan, I was alerted."

A number on the flyer led 10News to the group's Tennessee representative. The gentleman, who said was from Middle Tennessee would only identify himself as "Knighthawk."

He claimed these flyers are not about any form of hate; instead the group just wants to protect Oak Ridge from crime.

"The problem with the drugs on the streets-- all the crime and the robberies. You know, the police officers, can't handle it by themselves, we're willing to help them," said the gentleman.

However, many residents in this quiet neighborhood think otherwise.

"This 'K' (on the flyer) is disturbing and very suspicious," Wyrick said.

"What are their alterior motives? Are they here to really clean up the communities like they say, or something else?" "Mike" commented.

Oak Ridge Police told 10News no calls or complaints have been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

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