L&N STEM Academy recognized by Apple for technology in classroom

3:16 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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The L&N STEM Academy received the Apple Distinguished School Designation in a ceremony on Thursday.

The school uses the one to one to one model, one device for each student and teacher. L&N Principal Becky Ashe says it's been the key to unlocking a truly democratic education.

"The device is actually the arena where one-to-one teaching occurs. So, we actually think about it more instead of one-to-one deployment, it's one-to-one teaching. Having the device in each student's hands has leveled the playing field," said Ashe.

Because every student and teacher has access to the iPads, one on one teaching occurs even beyond the classroom. Teachers can now send videos taken in class to individual students for help and cater to every student's learning abilities.

Now, Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre is asking for funding to expand the STEM model in a handful of Knox County Schools.

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Knox County's L&N STEM Academy is getting high praise for enhancing education.

"We've really utilized the technology extremely well to support great instruction in the classroom and high-level student learning," said Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre.

The STEM academy received the Apple Distinguished School designation. The tech company recognizes school for advancing learning with technology.

The school uses the one to one to one model: one device for each student and teacher. Now, Dr. McIntyre says he wants to build on the STEM academy model.

"To have this level of success right here in our community as an example of great use of instructional technology, I think just allows us to build on that success and continue to use the L&N as a sort of jumping off point for other schools to be able to integrate technology into our schools really effectively," he said.

In the upcoming budget, he's proposing a $7 million technology investment. Some of that would help launch a pilot program for nine or 10 schools, giving every student and teacher a device.

The school board is expected to vote on the budget at its April 9th meeting.

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