TSA officials found loaded gun at McGhee Tyson Airport

5:29 PM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
Courtesy: Jon Allen, TSA
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Transportation Security Administration officials said they confiscated a loaded gun Friday morning at McGhee Tyson Airport.

Officers found a 38-caliber revolver inside the carry-on bag of Toni L. Brannen of Louisville at a security checkpoint.

According to Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority report, a TSA officer found the gun while viewing her luggage in the x-ray machine.  

Airport police cited the passenger on a state charge for possession of a weapon.  Her court date is set for next month.

Officials said Brannen had a handgun permit, which had been canceled.  Brannen told officials she forgot the gun in her purse.  

TSA spokesperson Jon Allen said it's important for passengers to remember to check their carry-on bags before they get to the airport.

"We continue to remind passengers that it is important to know what's inside their carry-on bags," said Allen.

Last year, TSA officials confiscated 16 firearms at McGhee Tyson.  Officials said this is the fourth gun discovery so far this year.

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