Dozens of demonstrators speak out for puppy adoption

6:31 PM, Mar 23, 2013   |    comments
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More than a dozen demonstrators stood outside a West Knoxville pet store to raise awareness about pet adoption in honor of National Puppy Day on Saturday.

The group hoped to encourage people to adopt pets from an animal shelter rather than buying a dog from a store.

Demonstrator Lauren Biloski said people could make a big difference in one furry friend's life.

"In Knox County alone, 50 percent of all the animals brought into the shelter were euthanized last year," said Biloski. "In the United States, 3-to-5 million are killed. With those figures, it's really important to look at adopting and rescuing your new best friend."

The demonstrators said lots of people showed support for their mission by honking their horns as they drove by the store.

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