Dolly one-on-one: Life, Broadway & Dollywood

6:32 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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Dolly Parton sits down for a one-on-one interview with WBIR-TV in March 2013.

East Tennessee's songbird, Dolly Parton, sat down for a one-on-one interview with LiveAtFiveAtFour's Stoney Sharp.  The country music legend made a quick trip home for Dollywood's season grand opening.

Parton, dressed in her usual glittery attire, was radiating happiness.

"Well, I feel good.  I always feel good when we're coming to open Dollywood for a new season.  This is our 28th season if you can believe it.  It feels like maybe 10 years at the most.  To think its been that long, it's amazing," Parton told Sharp.

The singer/songwriter is busy with multiple projects, including writing her life story as a musical which could appear on Broadway.

"I'd love for it to get to Broadway.  Whether it gets to Broadway or not, I'm writing it for the stage.  It may be off Broadway.  It may be just performing around the country.  But I am writing my life story as a musical.  Very excited.  I'm also very excited that 9 to 5: The Musical that was on Broadway is now overseas and it's doing great in England right now and it's going to open in London in the Fall.  So, we're very excited about that," Parton said.

The Sevier County native also talked about the theme park that was named after her.  Dollywood is adding six new shows in 2013.

"We're excited about all the shows.  I'm most excited about the family show which is called My People.  It is about my people. It's all music that I've written and it's kind of the story about what made me how I am and who I am and the people who were influential in that.  It's a lot about my mom and dad, about my growing up days.  Its got my family in the show.  My brother Randy, my sister Cassie and then lots of cousins, nieces and nephews.  Not all the Partons but we've got a bunch of them," Parton said while laughing.

Stoney Sharp previewed the new shows Friday on LiveAtFiveAtFour.

Watch his one-on-one with Dolly in the video attached above.

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