Neighbors remember Pigeon Forge fire victim

11:27 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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An East Tennessee community is remembering a woman who authorities say died trying to save the lives of her family.

Marjorie King, 73, passed away Saturday morning after a fire engulfed her Pigeon Forge home. According to the Sevier County Sheriff Ron Seals, King may have been trying to warn her family members inside the house a fire was happened when she ultimately succumbed to it herself.

King's neighbor, Tim Gibb, said she was a frail lady who had just lost her husband before Christmas. Gibb said he was surprised by her actions.

"I understand that she went into try and save her family, but she was just a frail lady and that's very big of her to try and do that," King said.

Pigeon Forge Fire Chief Tony Watson was the first firefighter on the scene. He said firefighters had initially spent their time targeting one room they thought King was in, only to find out she was elsewhere.

He said when crews got to the scene, most knew it would be a difficult fire to fight.

"It was toned in for us initially that there were victims," he said.

Watson added, "That's a firefighter's worst call".

He said investigators are still trying to figure out whether King had a working fire alarm in her home.

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