Funding for York Institute could come up again next year

5:01 PM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
The high school has an enrollment of more than 600 kids.
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Nashville officials say funding for a famous Fentress County high school remains in limbo.

A spokesperson with the Republican caucus says the issue of who would own and operate the York Institute could be brought up again next session.

Currently, it is funded by the state, but a bill would move funding responsibilities under county control.

Tuesday, the House bill was pulled by its sponsor, Representative Gerald McCormick of Chattanooga, and placed "off notice."

Opponents feel if the school fell under the control of Fentress County, the burden would be too great and the school would face cuts.

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It appears that York Institute has been saved, for now.

The community has been rallying around the school, founded by a World War I hero, which has always had separate funding from the state.

Lawmakers had proposed transferring that funding to the county.  Opponents of the measure feared if the York Institute was county-owned and funded, that budgets would be cut from the school.

It was good news for those supporters of York on Tuesday, when that legislation died in sub-committees in both the house and senate.

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