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Opposing rallies stake positions on same-sex marriage

1:17 AM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
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The supreme court's decision on two gay marriage cases won't come down for a few months, but some East Tennesseans chose the timing of arguments in the case to publicly share their opinions.

Two groups held separate rallies Tuesday, one supporting same-sex marriage and the other opposing it.

"[God] designed [marriage] the way he did for a reason, and we don't have the right to redefine that," said Andrea Adams, who organized a rally in Fentress County opposing gay marriage. "We don't have a right to redefine what his word says."

But for Todd Cramer and his new husband of two weeks, God is as much a part of their marriage as with a straight couple.

"We wanted to be married in a church to celebrate that part of our lives," said Cramer, who was married in Washington, D.C. Tennessee does not recognize gay marriage, including legal marriages from other parts of the country.

That's in part because of the Defense of Marriage Act, which is being appealed before the Supreme Court. Cramer and his husband explained to crowds in downtown Knoxville how DOMA denies them rights they say they deserve.

Meanwhile, in Jamestown, Adams told crowds her passion against gay marriage also stems from her belief.

"There's going to be calamity on our nation, because anytime we veer from God and his truths there are going to be consequences to that."

Cramer says that's simply false.

"We felt it was important to share our story about love, justice, equality, but also about Christianity and the love that Christ spoke to."

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