Dolly Parton weighs in on Janelle's American Idol success

7:44 AM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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By now we know that East Tennessee native and American Idol contestant Janelle Arthur is a huge Dolly Parton fan. She played "Little Dolly" at Dollywood as a kid. Now, we're hearing what Dolly thinks about Janelle in an interview with Stoney Sharp.

Here are some highlights from the interview. For more, watch the video above.

JANELLE: "If they ever come around and do a theme where I could pull out a Dolly song I would absolutely do that. I look forward to that."

DOLLY: "I watched the show because they had called me and told me.  I remembered her as a little girl.  They told me she was on American Idol.  I hadn't been watching it lately so when they told me she was in the top 10 I made it a point to watch it."

DOLLY: "I couldn't believe how she had grown up.  She did great!  I was very, very proud of her.  I thought she did a really good job as country and I remember her as a little kid and that would be wonderful [winning].  It's great for her, great for us.  The fact she mentioned us was great. I wish her all the best."

DOLLY: "I always try to encourage everybody just to follow their dream.  Everybody has to follow their own path.  I think being true to yourself and keeping confidence in your own talent..."

JANELLE: "Even as a person I don't feel any different.  I feel the same I've always felt.  I'm just happy to be be here and definitely want to make Dolly proud and continue to be myself, for sure.

DOLLY: "I hope she wins.  That would be wonderful.  We'll have her come back hopefully and perform again at Dollywood.  We'd be glad to have her.  Will probably have to pay her more this time."

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