Cold weather cuts some golf course revenues in half

11:22 PM, Apr 2, 2013   |    comments
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For the most part, this spring has felt more like winter so far.

The National Weather Service records show that March was the coldest we've seen since 1969 in Knoxville. If you add in all the rain, it's been affecting sales for businesses that rely on the outdoors -- including golf courses.

"This year has been tough. It's a huge contrast from last year," said Dionte Jackson of Williams Creek Golf Course. March 2012 was the warmest March on record.

Tuesday, as the sun peeked out, the parking lot filled up.

"That's what we like to see. We like to see people on the golf course, folks in the parking lot and people having a good time," he said.

But it's been a rare sight so far this year.

Jackson said they've lost 50% of their revenue for March compared to last year.

It's the same story across town at Three Ridges Golf Course. They also say they're down by half for March and February and that translates to a $30,000 loss.

Avid golfer Carl Oaks tries to play twice a week at Three Ridges, but it was more like twice a month in March.

"The weather's been really detrimental. A lot of precipitation, a lot of rain," said Oaks, "It makes it tougher when you're trying to hit the ball and mud is splattering everywhere."

There is a silver lining. Both courses say once the sun comes out for good, they expect a boom because people are ready to spend some time outside.

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