UT Sex Week kicks off to large crowd

11:59 PM, Apr 7, 2013   |    comments
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The controversial UT Sex Week kicked off to a large crowd on Sunday.

But, it was just a month ago that the state pulled thousands of dollars from its funding because it believed it was "not appropriate use of state money." Still, UT Sex Week organizers made a second push and raised $11,000 to keep the week-long event afloat.

Clinical sexologist and guest speaker, Megan Andelloux, said the students' efforts were impressive.

"I think that at first this was kind of mocked, especially in different areas of the country. . . These are adults that are trying to learn about sexuality being shut down at an educational facility. So the fact that the students really campaigned for their education was amazing," said Andelloux. "And gave a good name to the south."

Andelloux said UT Sex Week is a great way to open up conversations that are typically taboo.

"I get the thrill of my work to open the conversations up," explained Andelloux. "We can talk about it, whatever it is we can talk about it so that it can help people feel more comfortable and healthy in their decision making."

UT Sex Week's topics will range from general sex education, gender identity and Tennessee sex laws.

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