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Dog plays mom to litter of kittens

4:22 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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These days not every family is what once may have been considered traditional.  Families now come in all shapes and sizes, and that description extends to a home in Luttrell.

Chloe is a pretty typical dog.

"She had puppies back in August. They all survived. She nursed them all. She was really good to them, really good mom," said owner Rebecca Thomas.

Well, those maternal urges didn't go away when the puppies did.  And luckily, Chloe had a bunch of new little ones to nurture.

"I saw one nursing and I thought oh, it's not going to get any milk.  It needs to nurse on mommy. We've got to stop this.  I pulled it away and saw milk and realized the kitten's fine, it's getting milk," said Thomas.

That's right!  Chloe is now nursing kittens!  She and Momma Cat (yes, that's her name) take turns taking care of the little guys.

Only time will tell how this unique family will turn out.

'They haven't started barking or growling, and Chloe isn't meowing," laughed Thomas.

Chloe and Momma Cat and their kittens are just some of the Thomas' animals. They also have several dogs and two pigs!

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