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Have you broken your cell phone lately?

8:23 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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It seems like cell phones have a tendency to jump off your belt and crack on the floor.

A cell phone repair shop is the perfect place to find some terrible tales of broken phones.

"It's broken here and here," Tay Stewart said as she pointed to her cell phone.

At least she has a cute case for her cracked iPhone.

Tay has a history of cell phone accidents.

"When you have the flip phones they just rip off like it's nothing so that's what happened with them and then I had a Droid and that was just cracked and destroyed," she recalled.

Paul Hill has broken four iPhones.

"This recent iPhone here, like I said, I was running and it just slinged from my hand and I couldn't control it. It cracked and shattered on the ground. The phone before this I just pulled from my pocket and it was spider webbed from absolutely nothing," he said.

They bring their broken phones to iDropped Knoxville where Leslea Williams and Tiekel Finnikin have heard it all.

"The phone is in your lap. You get up and the phone drops in slow motion. Boom! Crack the screen up," Tiekel Finnikin said.

Some leave their phones on the roof of their car.

"Forget their phone is there. Drive off. Look behind in the mirror and it's sliding on the street," he said, laughing.

Leslea Williams remembers a family feud iPad incident.

"The son got mad at the daughter and threw it at her head. Bounced off her head, hit the floor, completely shattered screen," she said.

Dropping it in the toilet is another common occurrence.

"Some ladies don't have a pocket. They put in their lady hidden spot," Tiekel said, gesturing toward his shirt. "And then they bend to pick something up and drop it in water."

Leslea shared a conversation she had with one customer. "Can you tell me what happened? Well, I was in the bathroom and I had it between my shoulder like this and it fell into the urinal. And I said you handed me a phone that's been in the bathroom and now it's on my hands and you want us to fix it?"

And that's one reason why they keep a giant bottle of hand sanitizer behind the counter.

The folks at iDropped Knoxville can repair most problems but there are exceptions.

"The wife went to open the oven and when she did she knocked her phone into the oven and the phone melted to the oven. So they came in with a melted phone. Were you able to repair it? That one, no. They bought a brand new iPhone from us," Leslea said.

You can prevent broken phones by keeping them out of the oven and choosing the right case for your lifestyle.

The best cases protect the back and the front.

"If you work an office job get something nice but with a little lip around the front to keep it from dropping directly on the floor to crack your phone," Tiekel said.

And one more tip from Tiekel...

"I don't care what kind of case you have on your phone. Do not put it in your back pocket. People put it in their back pocket and forget and sit on it. And that thing spider webs everywhere."

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