Monroe Co. airport will be temporarily funded by county

8:22 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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The Monroe County airport will be funded by the county for now.

Tuesday night, the Monroe County Commission voted five to four to fund the airport for the remainder of the fiscal year. That means the county will provide $68,000 to assume control of the airport until June 30th.

After that, the county must make a decision regarding the airport's future.

"Those other options could include developing a request for proposal or bidding specifications for a third party to come in and under a contract with the county assume responsibility for the day-to-day operational activities at the airport," said Jerome Melson, a Monroe County attorney.

Some people we spoke to were disappointed with the commission's decision. The former airport manager says this will unnecessarily cost taxpayers money.

"I at times lost money doing the county a big service, and I think some of the commissioners are starting to realize that now. Now the $68,000 will come out of the county coffer, in other words the taxpayers," said Larry Hamilton.

The discussion on the airport's future will likely come up at future commission meetings.

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